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ACT's new visual identity ...
Since its foundation by Koert Vermeulen in 1995, ACTLD never stopped evolving and innovating throughout new challenging projects and development of synergies between its three departments. Over all these years, we developed our understanding of the crucial role of light and, always following our goals and beliefs, we improved ourselves to deliver better work on each new project, never forgetting to place the human experience at the very center of our reflection.

We also took the necessary time to look at our past achievements and to conduct a reflection on the present and future visual identity of our company. Constantly increasing our know how, modernizing ourselves by using cutting edge technological solutions, we are always trying to stand a step further and to anticipate the direction chosen for ACTLD.

In this regard, the new visual identity translates our will to better interact with the public, our partners and clients. It also answers the need to valorize our past and future projects. The creation of a new logo and the restructuration of all communication supports, including the new design of the website, our presence on social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, and new ideas for the portfolios, will help us move closer to the audience and grow our international public.
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To create our new logo we called upon the talent of graphic designer Chris Gautschi.

ACT’s desire was to keep its history and the concept of its previous logo, which has been its identity and signature for more than 20 years, while renewing it. During all these years, the cube on which are the three letters “A”rt-“C”oncept-“T”echnology, has conveyed a strong message: geometrical perfection. It has been at the same time the ultimate “box of creativity”.
Based on the previous logo, the new letters, in the form of parallelepiped rectangles, are not filling space on the cube anymore, but form the cube itself. Their design varies according to different applications (color, full or wireframe version). The original blue color was kept because of its historical use and multiple meanings: it is reminiscent of dream, confidence, lightness, purity, calm and liberty … creating the conditions to open new horizons trough discovery and creativity.

Following this idea, colors, lines, mix up of geometric forms, which play with transparence, create optical effects, offer multiple visions, opening the mind and giving liberty of interpretation.
Perfect balance and combination of synergies are illustrated by the interpenetration of forms and colors. The mix of thin but straight construction lines allows playing with the geometry of the structure, which is not absolutely determined. It is all about observation: depending on which line you are focusing on, you can see different forms.

This is an approach we use in our every day work. We are then able to determine light, an immaterial source of energy, and, in the end, create truly new universes.
Profile of Chris Gautschi
Chris Gautschi is a Swiss graphic designer. He studied graphic design at l’Ecole D’Arts appliqués, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Passionate about Swiss graphic design of the 50s and the 60s, especially about its typography, he is continually inspired by this period and uses it to nurture and grow his work. As a result, his style is structured and uncluttered, clear and precise. His ideal of shape conveys an impartial and neutral message. Having worked in different agencies and thanks to his international experience, he applies his philosophy and method with his clients through corporate identity, packaging, annual reports, brochures etc. He lives and works in London, UK.
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