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It is not often Mr. Rogge is this openly moved by an event. After the show, he invited the creative team for a private audience where he handed them a ‘plaque’, a token of creative recognition. A unique occurrence, and possibly one of the most beautiful compliments received.

A long way had to be covered before arriving at that moment. In May 2009, ACTLD entered the selection procedure of the SYOGOC (Singapore Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Committee) in competition with four other companies and won the pitch.

Since June that year Koert Vermeulen spent one week every six weeks in Singapore to attend several workshops and start working on the lighting design of the show. From March, the tender process was initiated - several suppliers had the opportunity to present their proposal. Mid June 2010 the construction and rehearsals began and resulted in the spectacular opening ceremony on the 14th of August at 8.10pm. Not only the live audience of 27.000 was amazed, there was also a worldwide live broadcast that reached an estimated 2 billion people.
Youth Olympic Games
Marina Bay, the heart of modern Singapore, became the captivating setting for this opening ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games. Definitely a shrill contrast to the usual stadium setting of most ceremonies. The scenography was based on several layers. The centre was a floating platform with a width of 120 metres and a depth op 67 metres. In front of it, the main stage (220m x 30m) was constructed.

The set consisted of a ring of containers, a reference to Singapore being the biggest harbour in South East Asia. The containers, laid out like a pearl necklace on the floating platform, were used by artists to stand upon and inside, thus becoming a performance space. In front of it, a 5000 square metres lake was created. The reflections upon the 80 tons of mirror like water surface provided an extra visual effect. In the centre a 32 metres high ‘lighthouse’ was added which also became the cauldron for the Olympic flame. All this stood against the stunning Singapore skyline, which was implemented in the scenography by the addition of lighting effects, skytracers and fireworks on the buildings.
Youth Olympic Games
To achieve the technical perfection Jacques Rogge referred to, a wide range of materials and light sources were combined to gain the most effect. The backlight was designed by means of VARI-LITE VL3000’s and PRG BADBOY’s. With the use of the CLAY PAKY ALPHA HPE 1500, the world’s most powerful front lighting was inserted in the scene. The CLAY PAKY ALPHA BEAM 1500 was chosen for its power, huge variety of possible effects and great beam quality.

These were the most striking appearance and therefore found many fans among the operators and production people, ensuring its place in the future of the entertaining industry. The opportunity also arose to be the first to work with the MAC 2000 XB BEAM luminaire, a redefinition and second life for a well-known and trusted workhorse in this industry. Over 400 units of DTS FOS LED were used for proximity lighting and about one kilometre of LED for outlining the set. Next, another 200 LED accent lights were used on and around the stage. All that, combined with the integrated lights on the more than 15.000 costumes and props, created an impressive light show.
Youth Olympic Games
Finally we would like to thank all our partners who helped making this event as memorable as it is.

First of all , the ACTLD team : Koert Vermeulen : Principal Designer, Thomas Boets : Associate Lighting Designer, Guillaume Escallier : Visuals and Graphics, Carolina Marquezim : Assistant Lighting Designer.

The ACTLD team on location : Sophia Stezenko (light design assistant), Emelie Scaminaci (head CCU) and Paco Mispelters and Jimmy Stas (light programmers & operators).

The Artistic team : Ivan Heng (artistic director), Vernon Teo (show producer), Iskandar Ismail (Music Director), Aaron Khek (lead choreographer), Randy Chan (set designer), Raja Malek (Props designer), Brian Gothong Tan (Film Effects Designer), Scott Willsallen (Sound Designer), Frederick Lee (Costume Designer), Jean Kohler (Special Effects Designer), Michael Lakin (Pyrotechnic designer), Francois Montel (Flame FX), Frank Oosterwijck (Laser FX). 

Our Production team : with OC Chairman Ishak Bin Ismail, Yu Han Wong (Show Chairman) Chod Kai Kiong (Show Secretary) Our Technical team under the superb direction of Nick Eltis (technical director), Ian Baldwin (assistant technical direction) and the whole team of army and volunteers under their supervision.
Youth Olympic Games
Our Lighting supplier : PRG where we want special commendation for Laurent De La Haye who was the project manager and Axel Van Bree (crewchief), Tom van Hemelrijck (Head of sales) Max Galot (logistic on-site manager) and the PRG team: Michael Galot, Mathieu Antoine, Loic Whoerel, Romuald Beaufour, Carlos Mendes, Martin Gusinde, Markus Laps, Eugène Both, Torben Glamm, Olivier Gravensteyn, Dominique Evrard, Thomasz Szymon, Patrick James Thomson, Michel Meskens, Phillip Boht, Rayk Laundan, Julydee Bin Omar, Shajali Bin Yatim and the people from Showtec William Lee, Toh Say Kiat Alwyn, Yeo Yeow Thong, Tan Heng Soon, Lin Shunfa, Mohamed Saiful Bin, Zhang Wei Jing, Liu Jia Jie, Bernard Lee Wei Ming, S.D.Christopher.

Our Followspot Crew : Toh Kia Hing (spot caller) and Iskandar Bin Habdi, David Lau Chit Song, Yip Wei Sheng, Darren Li mZong Xzan, Teo Loon Seng Eric, Zulkhairi Bin Rahman, Jason Chia, Chew Junwei, Haiqal Zulfaltah Bin Mokhtar, Suhaila Binte Sharip, Chow Jun hui, Arshad Bin Amari, Andel Christopher, Davin Goh, Abdul Rahman Bin Ahmad,  Muhammad Nahar Bin Juma’at, Wong Weng Khiong, Yoon Hui Yang.

Our other technical suppliers : Sound by Northwest, Led Screens by CT asia, Projection and Control systems by the Electric Canvas, big thanks to Phil Pieridis & Peter Milne, Set by Pico, Aquatique FX by Aquatique Show, Pyro by Starlight Design and Explomo, Flame FX by Groupe F, Laser FX by Focalise, Comms by The PA people, ...
Youth Olympic Games
Mr Jacques Rogge, President IOC - S R Nathan, President of Singapore - Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister Singapore - Mr Goh Chok Tong, Senior Minister Singapore showing their appreciation for the spectacle.
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