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Lighting design for Puy du Fou spectacle
“La Cinescenie - Le Puy du Fou
Puy du Fou, the winner of Thea Classic Award ‘Oscar’ in Los Angeles celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Grand Parc, a historical theme park created in 1989 in Les Epesses in France. They called for ACTLD to completely redesign the lighting of its main spectacle, Cinéscénie.
Created in 1978 Cinéscénie portrays the symbolic destiny of the Maupillier family, through the history of the Vendée region from the Middle Ages to the Second World War. The action takes place over a 23 hectares stage, the biggest in the world, with its 15th century castle, 2,6 hectares lake, the landscape and set design. Each production uses 1,200 actors, 300 animals, 120 horseriders, 24,000 costumes, 1,000 fireworks per evening, as well as 3,000 projectors, 150 water jets, 3D video projections and 7.5.1 sound system to immerse 14,000 spectators in the action of a fast-paced and modern legend.
In the framework of this ambitious project Koert Vermeulen could share the passion and the lifetime achievement of Philipe de Villiers and Nicolas de Villiers. From this successful collaboration in the exciting universe of Puy du Fou arose a wish to establish a long-term collaboration between all the members of the team in order to produce great projects in the near future.
To ensure the best results Koert was supported by Pavla Beranova, Jean Jacques Deneumoustier & Jimmy Stas from the ACTLD team and Damien Botton with the technical team of Puy du Fou. Together they created a brand new concept design with standard & custom made lighting fixtures positioned all over the site and specific lighting programming techniques to offer the most authentic and unique experience for all visitors of Cinéscénie. Along with the most spectacular visual effects, the lighting design also respected the requirements of very low energy consumption.
To enhance the epic atmosphere of the show and to express the poetry of the story through an elaborated lighting embellishment, we applied our expertise of big stage events along with our experience in lighting design of several theme parks and themed attractions (Futuroscope, Disney, Parc Asterix, Tivoli, Efteling...).
The new lighting equipment & techniques consisted in the addition of side lighting equipped with narrow angle moving lights, colorful front lighting (footlight) with custom made RGBW LED fixtures and back lighting with Sharpies. Thanks to these technologies we could create new dimensions of volume and depth to the principal scenes and obtain new possibilities in terms of color changing and positioning, as well as an extra effects and precision to particular scenes.
La Cinescenie Video
Numerous sessions of lighting programming and rehearsals of the new creative lighting concept based on several layers and meticulous details, increased the expressiveness of the story, highlighted the artistic performances and, combined with video, water, sound and fireworks effects, provided a great visual impact.
According to Philippe de Villiers, founder of Puy dy Fou: “ Thanks to Koert and new lighting design concept, Puy du Fou became an impressionist painting”. This exceptional live spectacle comparable with a painting in motion supported by 3200 passionate volunteers will tell its heroic story, surprise and move its public on each evening of every summer weekend until 14th of September.
ACT Lighting design team is currently working on the lighting design concept for “Columbus” shopping mall in Moscow, Russia.
LLC MIRS, Investor and Developer of Columbus shopping mall entrusted the architectural company C Concept Design with the design of this 277,000 m² area (including a Gross Leasing Area of 140,000 m²), which aims at becoming one of the largest, most fashionable, and most entertaining center in Moscow. ACTLD joined C Concept Design to develop the creative architectural lighting concept for exterior & interior areas.
The Columbus concept is focused on a unique entertainment experience, which consists of a multiplex IMAX cinema, an ice rink, a “kids zone”, a large food court and many restaurants with terraces. Victor Tsvetkov, CFO of LLC MIRS describes it as follow: “from concept to planning, Columbus focuses on consumers and their shopping experience. Due to the synergy of both (shopping and entertainment) functions, we will create one of the most attractive retail destinations in Moscow.” The grand opening of Columbus shopping mall is planned for November 2014.
Koert Vermeulen Speaker at PLDA 2013
“The lighting design profession: a sustainable future?”

After describing the evolution of the lighting design profession and its changing face, through the evolution of the major players in the industry and markets, client demand and the status quo of competition, Koert will address the problems lighting designers have now with their image and profession, and the problems they will have to bear in the near future….
COMING NEXT - Lighting Master Plan in China
Situated in the western part of Hangzhou, Xixi National Wetland Park is a rare urban wetland with rich ecological resources, simple natural landscape and profound culture. It is the first and only wetland park in China combining urban life, farming and culture. Xixi has not only broad open views, but also a variety of water views. ACTLD was commissioned to develop a lighting concept design for the areas of the Yangshang river, between the Xixi bridge, and the Successful bridge, for the evening and night visitors and propose the lighting masterplan of the site.


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