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Koert Vermeulen key speaker at Professional Lighting Design Convention in Copenhagen
Using his 20 years of experience in the field of lighting design, Koert Vermeulen delivered a lecture on the future of the independent lighting design profession and its possibilities to adopt a sustainable long-term development. As Principal Designer & Founder of ACTLD, Vermeulen has been working on a daily basis with professionals from various sectors. His experience in professorship and his position as director of membership of Professionnal Lighting Design Association (PLDA) have also contributed to feeding his great interest in the study of lighting design and his ability to take on the many challenges encountered in the practice of his discipline.
"The lighting design profession - a sustainable future?"
Looking back in the history of the late 50s, the evolution of the lighting design profession and community, its new markets and players, Vermeulen discussed the ways of ensuring a sustainable future and suggested a new approach, setting a new reference in terms of diversification. After having reviewed the changing face of the lighting design profession, Vermeulen also proposed a new system of official accreditation for lighting design professionals.
Carrying out projects on an international scale and strong of the synergy of its distinctive departments: architectural lighting design, entertainment lighting design and light art installations, ACTLD evolved and established a successful approach. If creativity and passion are essential, a strong awareness of the environment and its day-to-day evolution is equally essential.
Given the fast-paced technology, Vermeulen stands for embracing innovation and using the best of it, even when it means facing a creative concept with the harsh reality of a tangible project and technical difficulties. Placing thehuman at the center of their reflection and focusing on a responsible approach towards nature, Vermeulen and the ACTLD team aim at reinventing space and offering a memorable experience. Offering straightforward and edgy solutions resulting from it's expertise in lighting, architecture, interior design, art, theatre, set design, graphics and engineering, ACT LD is always looking one step ahead and searching for new challenges.
Resulting from a modern, poetical and functional approach, the use of integrated video, interactivity, and the latest technological inventions become a natural and essential feature in all ACTLD’s projects. The Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, and the artistic installations Tree rings or OVO, fully illustrate this new orientation towards visual design.
Established in 95’ and backed with the notoriety of a leading independent lighting design agency, ACTLD provides turnkey solutions with a unique innovative and multidisciplinary approach and a high added value. Maintaining its position while looking for a larger scope of services without any compromises on quality, ACT LD ensures the maximum quality for all its ambitious projects.
"ACTLD is currently engaged in a variety of projects around the world."
During the PLDC conference in Copenhagen, Vermeulen organized a communication campaign using Internet tools and engaging the public through social networks which stimulated the interaction and facilitated the collection of “real inputs” from the participants at the conference. Koert reached out to the “lighting design community” as well as other people interested in the topic and practice of lighting design.
The Dark Art is a movement, which explores the relationship between darkness and light within the context of lighting design. The aim is to create a lighting design philosophy that considers and promotes the use of darkness as a design tool, which enhances the balance between creative freedom and rational standardization.
"During the PLDC, Koert Vermeulen was also a key speaker in the panel conference on the Dark Art"
During the last few years there have been a growing number of voices within the profession who have promoted darkness and presented both philosophies and technical evaluations, which define new methods of understanding light and darkness. Vermeulen shared his view on implementation of darkness in his everyday work and its positive aspect to connect the human to his environment in harmonious and subtle way. Providing the examples from architectural and entertainment projects.
Vermeulen, started his speech with the quote by the famous theatre designer Richard Pilbrow : "its not where you put the light, but where you don't put the light".
"As the actor who needs silence before the beginning of his play, lighting needs darkness before it can show its splendor."
In Vermeulen’s words ”As a designer who in his career has worked in both theatre lighting and architectural lighting, darkness is as important as lighting. As the actor who needs silence before the beginning of his play, lighting needs darkness before it can show its splendor. Contrast has sometimes a bad connotation in architecture, but in theatre it's the ultimate goal, like a designer needs a blank piece of paper to start to create a beautiful object, a lighting designer needs darkness to create his vision.”
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