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Koert Vermeulen key speaker at Professional Lighting Design Convention in Copenhagen
After the Cinsécénie spectacle, ACTLD established a successful collaboration with the Puy du Fou Grand Parc and was commissioned to work on five distinctive projects including concept design and design development of lighting-, video-, content-, & multimedia design as well as special effects for several spectacles in partnership with Grand parc Puy du Fou creative & technical teams.
Koert Vermeulen key speaker at Professional Lighting Design Convention in Copenhagen
For the 2013 opening of the “Grand Noël”, Puy du Fou prepared a rich new winter season. Starting with "Le Mystère de Noël", which has seen a complete transformation and an improvement. Taken to a new dimension thanks to new staging, designs, lights, videos and music, this live spectacle, at the crossroads of a modern opera and a musical, celebrates the Christmas spirit.
On a stage of 2.600 sqm, the new set design with several layers can reach up to 8 meters high. ACTLD team ensured the creative lighting & content design as well as the 3D video mapping and the video projections. Special attention was given to the harmonisation of lighting and video projections through the programming of new schemes and the specific use of entertainment lighting techniques. Bringing a new dimension and perception of depth allowed us to transform the scenery and enhance the atmospheres of each scene.
Spectators can now embark on a new journey that starts in Ancient Egypt and goes to the Magi’s camp, the Roman Empire, its conquests and sumptuous palace of Herod, through the ancient cities in the desert, narrating the mysterious story of Christmas with live performances.
The music is an essential ingredient of the show. This year, 52 musicians of Prague Symphonic Ensemble Orchestra and their conductor Jerome Kuhn, performed for the first time live. The great classics specially orchestrated for the show and the soundtrack were all played at the heart of the stage during the whole show, creating an outstanding live performance.
“Le Mystère de Noël” to be discovered in Puy du Fou Grand parc until 23rd of December 2013.
Koert Vermeulen key speaker at Professional Lighting Design Convention in Copenhagen
For 2013-2014 edition we maintained our artistic concept of 2012-2013 based on a modern and sustainable approach of the Christmas festivities, along with the enhancement of the architectural perspective of the famous Parisian avenue. For this year, we introduced a brand new set of colors inspired by the latest trends focused on white, orange & mauve color scheme. We also programmed a new rhythm for the dynamic effects, with a “long” tempo during the normal hour, and “medium” one on each half an hour as well as a “fast” rhythm on each hour. “Tree rings” light art installation is to be seen until 8th of January 2014, every evening starting from 5pm.
Tree Rings Video
Music For Life
Our team is honored to illuminate this great charity initiative organized by Studio Brussel radio & VRT television and supported by non-profit organizations, public & privet bodies, volunteers, donators & visitors.
Music for life is famous for its passionate presenters, life concerts and performances broadcasted 24/7 on local tv & radio, cool & underground atmosphere, which make its early success.

Share, like & join the Music for Life – See you there until 24th of December !
Music For Life
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