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ACTLD team wishes you all the very best for this starting year and thank you for your interest, support and fruitful collaboration. Last year was filled with passion, creativity and challenges alongside our long-date & brand new collaborators, clients & friends with whom we accomplished so many successful projects.
At a time of still predominant uncertain economic climate, we are honored to announce that 2013 was a very prosperous year for our agency, thus confirming once more the value of a healthy independent business with its distinctive culture, philosophy and management style along with its established notoriety and future forecast development.
In order to respond to continuously growing demand, ACTLD increased the number of its collaborators in 2013, to not only maintain the workflow, but moreover to apply its methodology, to expand its expertise and improve the quality and nature of its services with a view to bring a maximum added value on each single project. We are pleased to say that ACTLD’s team, now composed of 17 experts (9 men & 8 women), is ready to carry on new challenges in 2014.
Throughout the years, the core of our business and our unique positioning on the market - thanks to the synergy of our 3 departments - allowed us to explore new creative horizons through several innovative and challenging projects. Strong in bringing together the best of our know how, curious and ready to learn, we could not only adapt ourselves to the constantly changing environment and high expectations of the international demand, but also extend our expertise.
Having worked on retail projects for several years in close collaboration with architects, interior designers, engineers and developers, allowed us to accomplish many projects for which we were commissioned to not only apply our expertise as lighting designers, but to propose sophisticated solutions combining our expertise with skills that were out of our traditional scope of work.
Taking exterior lighting design as an example, we started to work regularly on new technical solutions for the facades, perfectly adapted to the different construction materials ( mix use of glass, metal, wood, plastic), and did not only test the technical feasibility but also integrated the media, video content, interactivity, along with lighting design in order to produce distinctive visual effects, while conveying to tough regulations & norms of the construction building procedure.
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For the interiors, our lighting expertise is very well recognized, but being frequently commissioned to do made to measure pieces, we included designed objects such as lamps, luminaries, benches, signage and even bins ! Our main concern was to offer a maximum of coherence with a distinctive "signature" for public areas.
Along the way, our light art installations were the most demanded. In some occasions, they were bought and integrated to interior & exterior areas as a unique art item, but were also often responding to precise requests. Therefore, we began to work on original scenography, content, video & sound design to create distinguished art installations that became iconic pieces.
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In order to offer spectacular effects for big opening shows, indoor events for branding and communication purposes, special programming for festive periods etc, we were also able to offer technical solutions adapted to retail projects in addition to the lighting expertise in live & corporate events that we usually provide at the very first steps of a concept design. Moreover, we suggested an artistic approach that instantly met the satisfaction of our clients.
Henceforth, the creative liberty that we enjoy when working on artistic installations as artists is of benefit to all other projects we undertake and to our inspiration. We can research, analyze, play, test and innovate by combining distinctive universes & techniques to offer turnkey solutions and spectacular effects.
In 2014, ACTLD will be happy to present you its exciting projects where its extended scope of services and distinctive skills at their finest.
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