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ACTLD Boogie Flameless Candles
Our Very First Made To Measure Candles “Boogies” Now Available For Rent !
Creative Concept
In the perspective of our extended scope of services, we took upon the challenge to design, develop, produce and include in our projects the very first artificial candles in the history of independent creative agencies: the "Boogie". We are proposing a unique made to measure light object that fulfils standards and requirements of the event industry. The Boogie can be deployed in indoor and outdoor sceneries and, thanks to our know how, accompany each event with genuine and distinctive effects. This turnkey product is now available for rent to those who seek a sustainable solution and an authentic experience for the public.
Boogie light Flameless candles
Creative Concept
The creative and development phases focused on authenticity, efficiency and maintenance of the lighting object. Thanks to its rechargeable battery, the "Boogie" has an autonomy of at least 8 hours. Every single candle can be separately controlled by dmx. The led technology and the use of natural products like the wax makes the Boogie the perfect environment friendly product. Original and unlimited programmable visual effects as well as quick and easy implementation of the "Boogie" into any project make it a very efficient and valued product.
In House Production
To make the "Boogie" as natural as possible, the candle itself is made out of real wax. Each candle is burned and sculpted by hand to obtain the most authentic, realistic and unique look. This subtle and yet robust technology was implemented by our team and tested in house, making each candle unique and guarantee the best results on site.
Ligthing Effect And Programming
After several workshops, studies and research, the flickering effect of the LEDs and the color of the light became indistinguishable from that of a real candle. This cutting-edge effect consists in a realistic imitation of the movements of a flame, as the LED stick incorporated into the candles has its own sensors and algorithm, which controls the flickering of each candle individually. i.e. speed & intensity and randomness of movement. Our artificial candle gives about 4 times more light than a traditional one.
Each candle is controlled by wifi DMX, to create a matrix of thousands of candles. We can create an infinity of animated compositions, installed on the floor, integrated into the architecture or even suspended in the air thanks to our made to measure accessories. The "Boogies" can dim from zero to 100% which is 4 times brighter than a real candle ! Boogie will shine all night, and dance on the rhythm that you choose.
In addition to tailored programming, which can accompany our lighting scenography, we developed a few accessories to make the product even more adapted to extravagant needs : the Boogie can be suspended or installed in a project that requires days of lighting without pauses.
An easy transportation and charging system is developed to make the handling of hundreds of candles as easy as possible. In one box, we can transport 35 candles and the total weight of each box is 35kg. All the candles are protected for transportation with a foam layer. Each box includes a charging base station : plugging the entire box will charge all the candles at once. The "Boogies" meet all requirements of the entertainment industry and are even adapted to extreme climate conditions.
Boogies - Now Available For Rent !
The technical specificities of the "Boogie" make it a unique solution on the market. Integrated into interior or exterior settings, it can produce original and an infinite diversity of effects thanks to its tailored programming.
The "Boogie" can be used in more "traditional" ways, merging with the decors of a particular set design, perfectly imitating real candles. Such integration into the interior design or used to highlight a particular set design. Moreover, it can also be displayed as an iconic lighting sculpture of hundreds of "Boogies", in order to embark the public into a truly poetic experience.
ACTLD will be able to propose the "Boogies" for rental along with ACT's lighting creative concept and development for the entertainment, which includes large scale events, opening ceremonies, fashion shows, private events, festivals.. etc
The "Boogies" will bring your visual scenography at its best !
Boogies Show Reel
Boogies Show Reel Boogies Show Reel
Boogies Show Reel Boogies Show Reel
Plaisirs D’hiver – The Grand Place
For the 2014 - 2015 edition of "Plaisirs d'Hiver" in Brussels, we were commissioned by Brussels Major Events to create a brand new sound and light show. On this occasion we took over the perennial installation consisting of 1600 LED strips and LED spotlights highlighting the Grand-Place, architectural heritage recognized by UNESCO, for an impressionist light & sound show evoking the passing of seasons and arrival of Christmas in this exceptional setting.
The Grand Place
Plaisirs D’hiver – The Grand Place
Our creative concept is inspired by the seasons, their importance and graceful beauty in urban environment. The façades around the Grand-Place come to life and share this effervescence of impressions day after day, accompanying us throughout the festive season with a highly rhythmic and colorful program with an original music created for this event by Musicom, Pierre Mussche and Renaud Charlier.
A sparkling Sound & Light spectacle at the Grand-Place will be offered to the public until January 4th, 2015 at evening hours from 5:30pm until 10:30pm.
Grand Place
Coming Next Mons 2015  - Illumination Of The Belfry
Mons 2015  - Illumination Of The Belfry
As a part of Mons 2015 European Capital of Culture, our team was entrusted with the illumination of one of the most prestigious monuments in the city : the Belfry.
Our creative team developed a custom made lighting scenography to enhance this classified World Heritage of Unesco. ACT LD opted for an artistic approach that carefully magnified the Belfry's architectural style while turning into a dynamic and evolving emblem: through its various lighting scenographies, which play with the compositions of lights, their color, intensity and rhythm, the Belfry will truly be alive and evolve over time.
From 24 January 2015, the "watchtower of Mons" will be visible from a far !
Respecting the urban landscape and emphasizing on the Belfry's role as part of the the heart of the city, our designers will program a variety of visual effects, which will adapt to the cultural events, the opening times and seasons of the Belfry, in order to create a strong visual identity.
Coming Next Mons 2015  - Illumination Of The Belfry
23 January 2015 - Save The Date
We Wish You Sparkling & Creative Xmas !
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