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ACTLD Tree Of Life Italian Pavilion Expo 2015
“Tree Of Life” At Italian Pavilion Of Expo 2015
In the framework of EXPO 2015, hosted by Milan in Italy from May 1rst until October 31rst 2015, ACTLD was commissioned by Balich Worldwide Shows to create and develop the visual & lighting design of an iconic installation: the "Tree of Life" / "Albero della Vita".
The project "Tree of Life" was designed by Marco Balich and studio Gioforma, artistic director of the Italian Pavilion of Expo 2015. Balich was inspired by the drawing Michelangelo Buonarroti created for the piazza del Campidoglio in Rome. The structure was built by Orgoglio Brescia. Koert Vermeulen joined the creative team as Lighting Designer & Director of Mise-en-Scene.
The tree with it's vertical, symbolic gesture is both an Italian and international icon representing the Nature as a source of life, but also symbolizing the many roots and metaphorical branches of the Italian excellence. This iconic structure symbolically offers its seeds and fruits to Italy and the entire world.
Placed in front of the Italian Pavilion, the monument will be installed in the middle of Lake Arena, where visitors will be immersed into breathtaking events planned for this pavilion.
Tree Of Life Expo 2015
The "Tree of Life" interactive structure with an inner skeleton made of steel and an outer cover in wood, is over 30 meters high. On top of this gigantic trunk stands a hat that simulates the intertwined branches of a tree, with a diameter of 45 meters. The visitors will not only enjoy the spectacle from the exterior, but will aslo have a chance to climb inside of the structure to discover its surprises.
Tree Of Life Expo2015
For this monument with its advanced technology, constantly illuminated with LED lights, Koert Vermeulen & ACTLD will create an original visual scenography to produce the genuine dynamic effects through a play of light, video, water, fireworks, as well as bubbles and sounds. The Tree of Life will change as the hours go by, becoming the center for many of the events in the Pavilion's extensive schedule.
“Expo Milan  2015 Expo Milano 2015 is a non-commercial Universal Exposition with some very unique and innovative features focused on the theme of "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". This embraces technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity and their relation to food, diet, future development and challenges for the next generation. Running for 184 days, this giant exhibition will host over 130 participants, cover one million square meters and welcome over 20 million visitors.
“Discover “The Belfry” At Mons 2015 European Capital Of Culture
Mons Beffroi
Neopter At Drone Apps Conference
Koert Vermeulen will be a key speaker and present "Neopter" at Drone Apps conference in Switzerland on September 14th & 15th 2015.
Drone App
Drone Apps, an invitation-only event held in Switzerland annually, is a forum where leading end-users meet inventors and regulators to discuss the newest opportunities and current issues of the drone industry.
Along cutting-edge presentations and thought-provoking panels, the event provides ample opportunities for networking, informal meetings and serendipitous discoveries in an intimate and neutral environment conducive to exchange and collaboration.
Drones integrated into the artistic world are becoming not only a tool to express emotions, feelings and beliefs, but moreover an innovative way to offer unlimited new experiences to the public. See some amazing work from around the world and discover "Neopter" presented by Koert Vermeulen in Drone Art & Show Panel.
Nationa(a)l Pop Up Store
After a great session of creative events, we are happy to continue our successful collaboration with "Nationa(a)l Pop Up Store" for 2015 edition.
We are also excited to announce that this year the Lighting design discipline is now officially an integral part of the "Nationa(a)l" - a showcase of Belgian creativity. Koert Vermeulen was called to contribute as an Ambassador of Lighting Design curating selected lighting design artists.
Nationa(a)l Pop Up Store
Nationa(a)l Pop Up StoreNationa(a)l Pop Up Store
Nationa(a)l Pop Up Store
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