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It is a great honour to announce that ACTLD team was entrusted by Regent Street, owned by The Crown Estate and Regent Street Association with new Christmas lights for 2015-17.
We are thrilled that our creative concept of the Christmas light art installation "Timeless elegance" was selected as part of a competitive process to bring to life the Christmas season on the prestigious Regent Street in London for the next 3 years.
Our artistic installation aims at combining innovative solutions with a strong visual identity to create a memorable experience for the public, by day & night.
Inspired by Regent Street's famous history, culture and luxurious style, we created a dynamic and modern installation. "Timeless elegance", which captures the heritage of Regent Street's Christmas lights and traces the origins of the Cinématographe, presented by the Lumière brothers to British public in 1896.
Regent Street Christmas LightingRegent Street Christmas Lighting
Our team focused on symbolism and authenticity of the Christmas period, while adding a touch of Avant-Garde: the concept of "suspension of time".
Regent Street Christmas Lighting
Designed as an immersive experience, "Timeless elegance" adds innovation to the rich heritage of the street and to its glamorous atmosphere. Each element continuously evolves thanks to tailored video animations, projections and lights. The entire installation reflects the vibrations of Regent Street, fulfilling the space with wonder and creating a "golden way".
Regent Street Christmas Lighting
With "Timeless elegance", we hope to provide a memorable experience for all visitors to Regent Street, by both day & night during the festive season.
Regent Street Christmas Lighting David Shaw, Head of the Regent Street Portfolio at The Crown Estate, said: "We are delighted to have appointed ACTLD as our Christmas lighting designer on Regent Street for the next 3 years. We worked with the Regent Street Association through a competitive process, and we were very pleased with all the ideas that were submitted, but ACTLD was a standout winner. For over half a century, The Regent Street Christmas lights have been the iconic symbol of London's West End at the festive season and we want to continue to build on this heritage.

ACTLD presented the strongest representation of Regent Street's brand values, working to the context and legacy of the street within its designs. They have created a visually stunning proposal that is innovative and diverse in its creativity, and we are excited about this beautiful concept being realised this Christmas."
Work In Progress
Neopter 2015 Edition
Created within a year by ACTLD in partnership with Puy du Fou International, the first version of the "Neopter" debuted last year in "Cinéscénie", world's biggest live night-time show (1,200 actors on a 23 ha outdoor stage) in Puy du Fou historical theme park.
Since then the design has been improved to make the second version of the "Neopter" even more robust and easier to maintain in any climate conditions, flying up to 30-35km/h. For 2015 edition of "Cinéscénie", a fleet of 50 drones will be synchronised to new choreographies and will follow stage cues of the show autonomously with a new boost of carrying capacity up to 4kg for 15 minutes while evolving in the open air at 60 meters above the scene.
Neopter - Puy Du Fou
Video Neopter - Puy Du FouVideo Neopter - Puy Du Fou
Tree Of Life - Expo 2015
ACTLD created a stunning lighting scenography of 1260 shows for the "Tree of Life" installation at the Italian Pavilion of Expo 2015.
See the first pictures from the big opening ceremony on our Facebook page & discover "Tree of Life" until October 31st, 2015 !
 Tree Of Life Expo2015
 Tree Of Life Expo2015
"Nationa(a)l 2015 edition", a showcase of Belgian creativity, is almost ready.

We are pleased to participate in this great creative adventure with Koert Vermeulen, this year Lighting Design Ambassador, and with the selected lighting design artists: Pavla Beranova and Ludovic Wautier.
At this occasion ACTLD plans some surprises!
Come & join us at the big opening on 8th of May, 2015 !
Koert Vermeulen Pavla Beranova Ludovic Wautier
Avenue Wielemans Ceuppens 45/1
B - 1190 Bruxelles
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