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We are delighted to announce the completion of 15 months of work for a brand new, innovative Christmas lighting scheme to grace London's prestigious Regent Street during the festive season for the next three years. The Regent Street Christmas Lights mark the start of the festive season worldwide and this year the switch on will take place on Sunday 15 November 2015.
Regent Street Christmas Lighting David Shaw, Head of the Regent Street Portfolio at The Crown Estate, said: "We are delighted to have appointed ACTLD as our Christmas lighting designer on Regent Street for the next 3 years. We worked with the Regent Street Association through a competitive process, and we were very pleased with all the ideas that were submitted, but ACTLD was a standout winner. For over half a century, The Regent Street Christmas lights have been the iconic symbol of London's West End at the festive season and we want to continue to build on this heritage.
ACTLD presented the strongest representation of Regent Street's brand values, working to the context and legacy of the street within its designs. They have created a visually stunning proposal that is innovative and diverse in its creativity, and we are excited about this beautiful concept being realised this Christmas."
New Project In England
The artistic vision of our creative team for the Regent Street Christmas Lights, aimed at capturing the symbolism and authenticity of this festive season while adding glamour and a touch of avant-garde to it.
The Christmas represents an eternal loop of time with a mixture of twirling energy & slow rhythm where the clock seems to lose track of time. This unique period carries the mystery of timelessness and inevitably brings an exciting crescendo of emotions within us each day until, on Christmas Eve, time freezes; We appreciate the "suspension of time" of the Christmas spirit.
Inspired by the Regent Street Christmas lights tradition, the notion of time came to us naturally. We wanted to sculpt time, to offer it as a gift - the genuine luxury of watching the time as it goes by. With its enchanting mechanism "Timeless Elegance" was born.

We encourage people to rediscover this festive season
with a new artistic perspective.
Regent Street Christmas Lighting
Each element is in constant transformation thanks to tailored video animations, projections and lights. The entire installation reflects the brand values of Regent Street, fulfilling the space with wonder and creating a "golden way" aiming at the astonishment of its visitors.

icon Designed as an immersive experience, "Timeless Elegance" adds innovation to the rich heritage of the street and to its atmosphere of glamour.

Video projections & Lighting effects
The ambitious lighting scheme is based on the custom created combination of video projections, dynamic pixels, tinsels of light and LED screens integrated in the decoration, aiming at bringing life into the structure.
Each hour the visitors can discover the main attraction of a tailored spectacle featuring an exclusive compilation of video projections and programmed lights. Five different video storyboards enhance the entire structure with genuine visual and lighting effects.
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icon On the 15th November Regent Street is preparing to dazzle its visitors with a sparkling opening of festive season and various surprises during the switch on ceremony of "Timeless Elegance".

The light art installation and its main spectacle will be offered to the public until January 5th, in the evening hours from 4pm until 1am (every hour).
We Are Growing – New Office In London!
ACTLD Partner Approaching to celebrate 21 Years in the industry and applying our expertise within a multicultural team, capacity of adaptation and outstanding projects on an international scale, we expand our know how worldwide to answer a still increasing demand of our services.
Having our headquarters in Brussels (Belgium) and our representative's offices operating from Paris and Istanbul, we now have a great opportunity to extend our activities on the British market. We benefited from successful collaborations with prestigious clients such as The Crown Estate, the Regent Street Association and Eleven Arches, Auckland Castle & Puy du Fou International on large-scale projects and the partnership with The University College London, the Petrie Museum, Bartlett's Institute of Sustainable Heritage, which had a very positive impact on our practice and now leading to new exciting projects.
Today we are pleased to announce an establishment of the new ACTLD representative office in United Kingdom.
Being directly implemented in those countries with our highly qualified staff we can deploy our forces to ensure most exceptional results by bringing a new added value for our clients and partners.
New Partnership With Ucl In Uk
ACTLD Partner We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology (SEAHA).
Within the framework of our collaboration with SEAHA, we will work with UCL Institute of Sustainable Heritage and the Colour Vision Research laboratory of UCL's department of Visual Neuroscience and UCL Museums and Collections. The research project aims to investigate artwork colour appearance under LED illuminators and visitor engagement in museums and galleries.
Seaha logo
SEAHA was created by UCL, University of Oxford and University of Brighton, in collaboration with heritage, scientific, engineering and industrial partners as an 8-year initiative (2014-2022) to establish an infrastructure to meet challenges set by the heritage sector, industry and government.
ACTLD creative agency is honoured to participate in this programme and, by its engagement, share its knowledge and improve the development of the lighting design industry. We aim at providing the best practice solutions, inspire and assist Engineering Doctoral (EngD) or PhD students participating in SEAHA programme. The students will receive advanced training in the areas of measurement, sensing and digital economy becoming a new generation of science leaders driven by the Arts, Heritage and Archaeological fields and applying in the future their knowledge to benefit any cross-disciplinary creative, scientific and technological environment.
On Road to Success by R&D
Menes Europe Today we are honoured to announce that ACTLD has received the MENESR Accreditation from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
This allows ACTLD, as part of a government framework to support SMEs, to carry out R&D activities for private companies throughout the European Union for the next 3 year period. This framework is designed to further increase growth and competitiveness of individual SMEs in the European market, and ACTLD will benefit from several programs to further its development.
Over the years ACTLD benefited from its sustainable growth by making the most of the synergy of its three distinctive departments (architecture, events and art) and seizing the opportunities for in-depth research and innovation within its team.
Even though we position ourselves as strong international player, we continue our further development as a creative and technological platform to explore new horizons through R&D, recruit new talents, organize trainings, engage new partnerships and invest in the specialist library and laboratory.
Neopter Flying Drone for EventsIMX Zeleno Park Moscow Light Art Installation
Neopter - Drone IMX - Immersive Experience Zeleno Park
Indeed, our strive to produce outstanding results emerged through ambitious projects, such as Drone "Neopter", "IMX- Immersive Experience", "Boogie" candles, "Tree of Life" or "Timeless Elegance", which were recognized by several professionals as pioneering, particularly coming from a company of our size.
boogieTree Of Life
Boogie - Flameless Candles Tree Of Life - Expo 2015
ACTLD Partner MENESR Accreditation is not only a recognition of our role in the European market, but also an opportunity to intensify our competitiveness and further develop our upcoming innovations.

This will not only benefit us in terms of growth, through the undertaking of collaborative projects, but also allow us access to multiple sectors where we can continue to provide added value through our services.
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