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ACTLD Timeless Elegance London Christmas Light Art Installation
The first edition of "Timeless Elegance", a light art installation signed by our creative team, marked the new Christmas season on the prestigious Regent Street in London.
On Sunday 15 November, the inauguration of Timeless Elegance was organized on the iconic street of the British capital. The Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas Dodd, played a musical piece by Pierre Mussche from Musicom, composed specially for the occasion.
Koert Vermeulen, Principal Designer, and Julie Boniche Artistic Director, designed the Christmas lights and programmed the lighting, the video animations and projections to accompany the musical composition.
ACTLD Regent Street Christmas Light Art Installation in London
Since its dazzling opening, on every hour, visitors can see an exclusive compilation of video projections and programmed lights that bring the sculpture to life. This ambitious dynamic installation is designed to evolve in time to reflect the brand values of Regent Street and convey its atmosphere of glamour during the festive period until 2017.
Artistic Approach
Our original artistic concept is a sculpture of time, nowadays genuine luxury. We illustrated the concept of "suspension of time", by showing each element of an enchanting innovative clockwork mechanism, which pave a suspended "golden way" for the visitors.

icon We propose to rediscover the festive season of Christmas with a new artistic perspective and a touch of avant-garde.

Regent Street
For the first time in London's festive illuminations, we imagined a challenging lighting scheme with a custom created combination of video projections, dynamic pixels, tinsels of light and LED screens integrated into the decoration.
Regent Street
The Structure - Schematic Design & Design Development
The installation consists of five distinctive decorative compositions placed at 9-10m high on the straight crossovers and repeated randomly all along Regent Street (800m x 25m) in intervals of approximately 50m.
Regent Street
Each composition includes a series of 24 elements as an interpretation of the clockwork pieces. These elements, made of metal, are scattered along the street with a systematic application of basic and special elements together with connection pieces. In order to obtain the most appealing look during daytime and various visual effects by night, each of those elements differs in styles and surfaces and specific colors codes (yellow & rose gold and lead metal)..
Regent Street
In addition to the compositions, and especially in the diagonal crossovers, Tinsels of light with small glitter diamond shapes (approximately 100x200mm spaced every half meter) fill the atmosphere moving freely in the breeze and reflecting the light rays, further creating a Golden Immersion.
Regent Street
Video Projections  & Lighting Effects
The lighting scheme is based on the combination of video projections, dynamic pixels, tinsels of light and LED screens integrated into the decoration. The largest elements of the composition serve as the projection surface for the scenography and unique video content.
Custom created video animations are projected in loop during the evening hours featuring crystallized textures, Golden Powder, engraved textures of the watches and gift boxes with Christmas greetings. Each hour visitors can discover the main attraction of a tailored spectacle featuring an exclusive compilation of video projections and programmed lights. Five different video storyboards enhance the structure with genuine visual and lighting effects.
Regent Street
All visual elements (video projections, LED RGB lines, LED pixels & the custom LED screens) are controllable by DMX & Artnet. A Fiber Optic gigabit ring network was implemented to program, control and monitor all the lighting and video elements. In total the lighting & video equipment consists of:
  • 9 x 20.000 Ansilumen Projectors in custom made housings,
  • 160 x LEDspots (Uplights of the compositions),
  • 3 x Gates: Led strips (Custom LED screen - LED strips with 60 led's per meter),
  • Approximately 11000 led pixels.
Regent Street
The light art installation and its main spectacle will be offered to the public until January 4th, in the evening hours from 4pm until 1am.
Mery Xmas
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