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ACTLD Puy du Fou Le Dernier Panache
After its unique night-time show "Cinéscénie", the award winning theme park Puy du Fou called again upon ACTLD's expertise for a new indoor permanent spectacle, the biggest original creation in the history of the "Grand Parc" : "Le Dernier Panache".
"A revolutionary show staged in a custom-built 360° theatre"
After several months of successful collaboration, we are pleased to announce that the long-awaited premiere took place on the 2nd of April 2016 and has since amazed the public on a daily basis.
The Story of a great destiny
"Le Dernier Panache" is an inspiring tale about courage, strength, adventure based on the real life events and epic story of François Athanase Charette of Contrie who fought in the American War of Independence and the French Revolution in the 18th century.
Le Dernier Panache
Key Challenges

For the most immersive experience, Puy du Fou custom built a theatre of 7500m2 at the edge of technological innovation with a rotating stage of 2400 seats, tailored content & equipment and a 60 x 18 m pool.
Le Dernier PanacheLe Dernier Panache
"A rotating platform, visual effects, 7 stages & ultra HD video projectors"
The audience is offered a full cinematographic experience during which it can enjoy the live performances of 30 actors, various sets and decors and some of the most innovative visual effects in terms of video, light & sound design. The continuous and almost imperceptible changes between each set (a total of 22 sequences on 7 stages) required a savvy use of space, swiftness of the rotating platform and a perfect balance between lighting and ultra HD video projectors. This spectacular permanent indoor show is to be performed 7 times a day, all days of the week.
Key Challenges
The project benefited from several months of close collaboration. At the early stages of the concept and project development, a detailed planning phase was set up during which crucial inputs were given. That methodology helped ACTLD to face all the challenges encountered during the working process and significantly increased the quality of the final result.
Le Dernier Panache
"We applied our expertise in visual design to produce truly immersive cinematographic experience"
In the framework of our mission, which included the concept, design, development and programming of the lighting for the show we were able to combine latest innovations and use our expertise in visual design, mixing technologically complex solutions for live events, theatre and TV productions and apply a truly immersive cinematographic approach.
Le Dernier Panache
The moving heads as well as the traditional lighting equipment we used is exclusively LED equipment for obvious ecological reasons, but even more for maintenance and cabling, which provide a long-term qualitative solution for this daily show.
Le Dernier PanacheLe Dernier PanacheLe Dernier PanacheLe Dernier Panache
The main challenge and complexity consisted in the perfect association of video projections and lighting effects within given particularities (size of the theater and density of decors, number of stages, rotating stage, 10m high screens with ultra HD videos, live performances, fitting of lighting equipment, pool etc).
Key Challenges
  • 7,500 m2 : size of the theatre,
  • 32 min : time of the show,
  • 7 daily performances,
  • 2.400 seats in the theatre,
  • 20 Ultra HD video projectors,
  • 30 : the size of the cast,
  • 700 tonnes of structural steel for the set,
  • 58 companies (80% local businesses),
  • 18 million euros investment in this show alone,
  • 160 meters of murals.
Le Dernier Panache
Key Challenges
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  • IMXImmersive Experience, Moscow
  • IndiaSahaj Anan Show, India
  • Key ChallengesMother of the Nation, UAE
Key Challenges
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