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ACTLD IMX Light Art Installation in Zeleno Park Moscow
Retailtainment : A Game Changer
After its successful work on the lighting design for the foodcourt in the new shopping mall Zeleno Park in Moscow, ACTLD's team was awarded by DG19 with its most challenging project in Retailtainment thus far: to design, develop and produce an immersive multimedia installation inside Zeleno Park.
Over the years ACTLD has always followed closely the changing facets of the architecture and Retail sector where, on top of the latest branding trends, it observed an increased demand of emotional approach, creativity, functionality with constantly renewed and more challenging technical requirements. The focus is now on the end user and the keyword is "differentiation". Memorable experience, exchange, connectivity and mobility altogether create and ensure a long-term relationship with the customer. Retailers tend to transform the classic shopping location into an impressive evolving environment of strong visual identity.
Our expertise in retail greatly benefited from the synergy of our three departments and from an extensive scope of services, which preceded the evolution of this market. Currently working on 6 shopping centers, we combine architecture, events lighting design and new multimedia art to develop not only edgy creative concepts but also modular and tailored turnkey solutions for interiors and exteriors.
The New Signature Of Zeleno Park Sc
Following the requirements of DG19 in terms of branding, we created a 14 meters high immersive sculpture as a unique and memorable signature for Zeleno Park and as one of a kind interactive and immersive installation in a shopping mall in Russia.
With our client's trust, we imagined a three-dimensional structure including numerous multisensory effects inside and outside the sculpture. With an unsurpassed breadth and depth of functionality, IMX's visual impact plunges the visitors into an immersive experience. The form of the sculpture was directly inspired by nature. Andrea Mantello, ACTLD senior designer and architect, imagined a vortex form which eludes the classic flatness of interactive and multimedia structures.
IMX, as a whirlpool, embodies the powerful dynamic and energy of this natural phenomenon. The structure is composed of two-mirrored halves of a spiral that follow each other and embrace one another. The visual scenography and multimedia content - tailored surprising video animations, projections and lights - were also inspired by the nature, its energy and constant transformation and by the form of the sculpture itself.
IMX light art installation Drawings
Like nature that surrounds us, IMX occupies the space in depth, width and length, offering a visual experience from a 360° point of view. The structure impresses but also engages intimately with the customers who can experience it from the outside and the inside.
Creativity & Feasability
In our creative concept for IMX we focused on multi-sensory approach to encourage the exploration of interfaces and transform the visitors spatial experience through visual, interactive and dynamic elements. We wanted to explore all potential and seize the opportunity of IMX to stimulate the connection between the users and the commercial space by storytelling, scenarios of shows or commercial branding that awake all senses.
IMX Immersive Experience Details
Koert Vermeulen, artistic and design director headed the scenography, video mapping, lighting, sound, and interactivity aspects of IMX, which features an original programmable multimedia show of 3 minutes every hour, on the hour. The video content was designed by content director July Mazy and produced by Drop The Spoon accompanied by Indabox Studio for architectural visualization. Create was responsible for multi-media production and imagined an interactive gaming platform and brand boxes, a digital and connected interface displaying brands messages between the shows. Musicom created an original music score with sound effects that enhance the main show.
IMX Light Art Installation Zeleno Park Moscow in details
A changing and living part of the environment, IMX and its surroundings are equipped with multiple lighting features and made to measure lighting fixtures that ensure the visual coherence within Zeleno Park. ACTLD had to intervene into an existing architecture and implement IMX structure without interfering with the building, keeping a 5 meters distance from surrounding shops and allowing the flow of visitors under it.
IMX  Details
IMX  Details
Discover IMX
IMX  video
"IMX is a living evidence of a promising future for ACTLD"
said Koert Vermeulen, founder & principal designer of ACTLD
"Starting from an empty space, ACTLD handled the process from concept to realization to create a full immersive experience."
said Andrea Mantello, Senior Lighting Designer & Architect
Known And New Challenges
Our team and its collaborators handled this challenging long-term project and was fully responsible for its design part and all production, including costing, testing, fabrication, implementation and construction.
ACTLD Team at work on IMX Zeleno Park Moscow
Gathering and managing a team of experts constituted the first step during which we chose a methodology, assigned roles, communicated and coordinated the multiple elements and the next phases of the project. Supported by our partners, our multidisciplinary team successfully overcame all well-known and new challenges.
Our highly enriching collaboration with our client and local suppliers helped us understand better and adapt to the Russian market and its specificities in terms of administrative procedure relating to logistics and transport, supplying, application of new technologies as well as cultural differences in working methodology.
In the framework of IMX project, we heavily relied on our dedicated long-term collaborator ASP Group, which played a crucial part and was instrumental for all technical implementation, logistical coordination and communication on-site.
IMX in numbers
  • spiral
  • 2 spirals embracing each other
  • Sculpture : 14m height & 19,3m width
  • .
  • projector
  • 8 projectors
  • 210m² of projection
  • .
  • speaker
  • 2 Central audio systems inside the sculpture
  • 4 Sound showers
  • led
  • 160m LEDline inside the sculpture
  • 8 LED projectors in the inner side of the sculpture
  • 840m LED in ceiling waves
  • 700m LED in wall coves
  • .
  • touch
  • 4 x 27" touch screens
  • 4 x 42" transparent touch screen showcases inside the sculpture
  • .
  • seat
  • Seating area around the sculpture for 40 people
Key Challenges
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