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Illuminating The Cities
Cities and other communities are paying ever more attention to lighting design: they are not only thinking of the functional, visual or safety aspects for residents but are increasingly considering its creative and entertainment side in order to permanently influence the urban environment, and to make it more attractive for tourists. The ambitious lighting projects undertaken by various cultural institutions and cities will undoubtedly have a positive cultural and economic impact, and will stimulate development locally and globally.
Brussels Plaisir d'hiver - Grand PlaceTree Rings - Paris Champs Elysées
The collaboration that ACTLD enjoys with city officials and institutions around the world play an active role in several important initiatives. ACTLD helps the cities share their values and put forward new ideas, and aesthetics, which should enrich human experience. Our light and multimedia art installations combine the state of the art technology and aesthetics, all the while telling an amazing story.
Expo 2015 Tree Of LifeRegent Street
Thanks to our multidisciplinary team with its expertise in art and architecture, we have been awarded contracts for both big and small-scale projects by prestigious international committees and local authorities, to enhance, for example, UNESCO World Heritage sites and historical buildings (such as Grand Place, Mons Cultural Capital 2015) to light seasonal public events (such as the Festival of Lights Lyon, Tree Rings on Champs-Elysées or Timeless Elegance on Regent Street, London) and to provide the lighting for special ceremonies ( such as "Tree of Life" Expo 2015).
New Multimedia Spectacle Produced By ACTLD
Winner of the international competition organized by the City of Strasbourg to design, develop and produce of one of its major summer events, the interdisciplinary consortium led by ACTLD and its partners Drop the Spoon, Musicom, VYV, ADC Production, are delighted to share its realization with the public: "Lumière Intemporelle", a light show for the prestigious Cathedral of Strasbourg.
Inspired by the first illuminations of the Cathedral in the 18th century, we propose to present this year's edition of the summer illumination from a brand new perspective. For the very first time, the southern facade of the Cathedral and the surrounding buildings at the place du Château were used as a canvas for a subtle narrative and a multitude of visual effects.
This global artistic approach aimed at the total immersion of the spectators in a vivid story in which the enhanced urban environment is brought to life, becoming part of a temporary but memorable tale. Thanks to the strong poetical narrative, and the latest technology, we were able to embellish the millennial architecture with an original combination of light, video mapping, projections, music and Boogies® flameless candles.
From 2nd of July until 18th of September, each summer evening the public can discover a 15min show every 30 minutes displayed on one of the most prestigious cultural attractions of the city.
Immersive Story Of Light And Time
Our creative team approached this project as a multi-sensory experience. During the show the public will discover several scenes depicting the epic history of light since the beginning of time as a dialogue between past and future, tradition and innovation.
Strasbourg Video
Simultaneously intimate and impressive, the show invites the public to think of such fascinating and deep notions as time and light. Both very abstract and concrete, they share their journey through the ages, bearing universal symbols and moving towards modernity while accompanying our daily lives... As does the Cathedral of Strasbourg through the centuries, a living witness of these concepts.
Boogies - Flameless Candles
As a crucial narrative element and a symbol of physical and spiritual dimension of light, we featured in the show our artificial candles "Boogies®".
These particular flameless candles and their use on such a big scale are a first in the history of independent lighting design. In reproducing the effects of a real candle they are able to create an ethereal and elegant atmosphere. In the framework of "Lumière Intemporelle" almost 700 Boogies® LED candles were placed onto the façade of the Cathedral, on the sides on the Place de Château, and were even suspended in trees.
Boogie a secure flameless candle Boogie candle
Boogie Flameless candles Boogie artificial candles
Handmade in Belgium, our candles are sculpted from real wax. Their in-house production and unique composition that includes a LED stick with its own sensors and programmed algorithm, ensure unlimited possibilities in terms of random "flame" movement, speed, intensity and visual effects. Each single candle can be controlled separately by wifi DMX.
Thanks to rechargeable batteries, Boogies® can last for 8hrs, but they can also be deployed with a cabling system, making this product adaptable to ambitious interior and exterior settings.
Along with ACTLD's expertise in design and production of small and big scale events, we offer Boogies® on a rental basis for entertainment industry professionals as well as private individuals.
Technical Side
Given the specifics of this large-scale show and the fact that it was produced on a protected heritage site, this project presented many technical challenges. In order to protect this site of historical and cultural importance, the Health and Safety Board had laid down strict regulations, to which our interdisciplinary team had to pay particular attention for the duration of the project (that is, three months).
Two projection 6 meter towers were used in front of the facades of the Cathedral. Three different sources of light illuminated the architecture during and between the shows. A total of 114 projectors, 38 RGB lead lines and 3 programming consoles were used.
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