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With headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and representative offices in Paris and London, our studio has operated on local and international scales for more than 20 years. Our multicultural team is always excited to take on new large-scale and challenging projects, regardless of distance and difficulties. Our prestigious portfolio and prominent position on the market are due to the synergy of our three departments, our creativity, and our expertise recognised on an international scale.
We also pride ourselves in carrying out several small- and medium-sized projects on a local scale, where we take an active part in evolving urban environment. We are always wiling to participate in exciting initiatives launched by private and local actors; provide our know-how in terms of lighting design for heritage, renovations, and new developments in retail; and bring out the emotions in the framework of exceptional events and festivals.
City 2 Shopping Center
In order to rebrand and renovate this well-known Brussels shopping centre located in a beautiful art deco building, BENOY Architecture Firm was given the task to improve customer experience through multiple high-end architectural design schemes.
With a grasp of detail and aesthetics, BENOY's and ALTIPLAN's architects created exciting main architectural concept for interior and exterior environments. ACTLD team in collaboration with Hugo Neumann joined the creative team to answer the requirements in terms of advanced lighting design scheme.
City 2
The main architectural concept design of the mall's interiors-which include three levels, a new food court, and three entrances-is based on contrasting themes embodied by various materials and atmospheres in which the industrial look perfectly blends with transparent and glossy chic areas. Special attention was given to the ceilings, media walls and columns.
Advanced Lighting Design
ACTLD created an advanced lighting design for the interior and exterior of the centre, and developed an integrated lighting for the suspended ceilings, made to measure suspended luminaries, floor lamps and LED media screens.
City 2
Our lighting scheme fulfilled the functional and aesthetic requirements of the project while conveying a visual coherence for the interior design and the architectural patterns of the centre. We proposed a broad range of different technical solutions to meet the characteristics of various materials, finishing touches and bright colours in this redevelopment project.
City 2
Given the multiple festive occasions within the centre, ACTLD also included in its concept solutions for both a permanent and ephemeral visual scenography. We alternated between high quality lighting, tailored luminaries and large media screens. To reflect the visual identity in the atrium area and create a festive atmosphere for the future shows, we proposed dynamic lighting, variable colours and bespoke programming.
City 2
Backlit glass panels and LCD multimedia screens integrating video, as well as movement sensors that play with other elements of the design and attract pedestrian attention, galvanised the exteriors and main entrances.
Andrea Mantello "Interactive, functional and decorative lighting craft a new visual environment in the heart of Brussels"

Andrea Mantello - Senior Lighting Designer & Architect - Partner
Given its long-term successful establishment on the retail market in Belgium and its wish to reinforce its brand identity by renewing the set up of its stores, Delhaize commissioned our team to propose new tailored lighting design for its chain of supermarkets.
New Concept For Supermarkets
Our scope of works included the development of a new concept and an innovative way to experience shopping within a medium sized store while matching the project's specific requirements, timeframes, and budgets.
Our main focus was to provide the customers with more comfort by creating an adequate illumination of the products and by reducing glare and visual discomfort. We not only produced a dynamic and pleasant ambiance but also helped to increase the visual perception of each zone of high interest defined by the client.
We conducted several workshops, applied a meticulous methodology and tested several mockups. The final results were applied through a meticulous methodology into the first shop. Our concept was then integrated within the range of shops upon the final decision of the client. Delhaize stores were supplied with the state of the art LED light quality that was especially dedicated to the most important displays.
Our precise criteria and specifications in terms of ambiances helped Delhaize to elaborate a call to tender for adequate suppliers. Our methodology also included continuous research in lighting design and retail with mockups, trials, and use of new technologies, providing our client with the best information on future possible updates.
Our successful collaboration with Delhaize for the past three years resulted in multiple renovations and dozens of stores openings. We are pleased to announce that new developments are planned in near future.
Caroline Crespin "I prefer that people feel the lighting that we make, rather than they see it"

Caroline Crespin - Senior Lighting Designer
Opening of Bilzen Mysteries
The heritage site of Alden Biesen in Bilzen, Belgium, hosts a 16th century castle, a church, and beautiful French-style gardens, which attract around 200,000 visitors each year.
Having won the competition organised by the City of Bilzen, a team composed of ACTLD, Alice Events, and Create took on the challenge to create a new and exciting multimedia experience: "Bilzen Mysteries".
Bilzen Mysteries
On 7 October, after several months of development, "Bilzen Mysteries" revealed its secrets to visitors. This nighttime walk, inspired by the fascinating past of the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen, offers an unprecedented and unique multimedia journey. With its mix of creativity and interactive solutions-such as thrilling videos, sound and light effects-"Bilzen Mysteries" surprises its visitors and immerses them in the enchanting scenery of Alden Biesen.
Koert Vermeulen "Daytime is for education, nighttime is for entertainment, in Bilzen Mysteries the two are perfectly intertwined and balanced"

Koert Vermeulen - Responsible for visual design & lighting scenography
Julie Boniche "The sky is the limit, they say, but here we even brought back the moon"

Julie Boniche, Lead Designer & Project Manager
More about "Bilzen Mysteries"
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Design September
In the framework of "Brussels Design September", ACTLD and its creative neighbours working in the same building for many years (Claisse Architectures, De Four - Galand Architects, Prisme Editions, and RESERVOIR A) organised a joint scenography and two weeks of Exhibitions, Open Doors & Design Shop.
For this occasion, ACTLD welcomed visitors to its studio and shared their daily work, passion, and some exciting projects. Surrounded by great ambiance, nice music, and food, we also presented our two new art installations conceived especially for WDV event: "Drop it" and "Boogies down".
Design September
Drop It   Boogie Down

Glass spheres are suspended like drops of water above the void. The defragmented light draws magnificent effects on the wall, creating a masterpiece where the public is the actor. This installation will take you to an uncommon atmosphere.
  An immersive lighting experience based on "Boogie", a flameless candle wirelessly controlled. Hundreds of Boogies is set up in an enthralling scenario, where music and light transcend reality.
Guillaume Escallier "Bringing interactivity to light is always challenging in entertainment"

Guillaume Escallier - Graphic & Lighting Designer
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