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Rings on City Walk
"Sky Rings" light installation is a creative response of ACTLD to the constant demand of original ways to improve the city experience while maintaining principles of visual coherence in the urban development. Designed as dynamic chandeliers floating in the sky, the light installation on City Walk in Dubai accompanies the everyday life of locals, passers-by and visitors along their walk in the city.
Rings on City Walk
This permanent installation, imagined as a colorful 1,5 km long wave of specially designed rings, is suspended on top of the walkway and creates a visual continuity.
The vibrant installation is composed out of 106 double rings positioned each 10 meters at a height of 5 meters.
Each element is composed out of 2 made-to-measure metal rings fixed to each other by a rotational axis. The interior and exterior faces of each outer ring encloses 2 LED strips on each face that can be individually controlled.
Rings on City Walk
The inner rings have been positioned horizontally at the same height to create a visual continuity while the outer ring - which rotate around the inner one - has been positioned at different angles to reinforce the dynamism of the installation. One of the challenges was to design a product that is resistant to extreme temperature (Dubai can reach 50°C in the summer) and to the sandy environment while still offering a long-time life span.
Today, thanks to this creative approach, City Walk is not only an area of passage for the pedestrians but it's a destination in Dubai where locals as well as visitors meet-up and enjoy their time together, like a promenade.
Open Air Party at the Grand Place
After a successful collaboration on "Seasons", the 2015 edition of the sound & light spectacle, our team was called again by Brussels Major Events to imagine a new lighting scenography for Winter Wonders 2016 at the Grand Place in Brussels.
This year Felix de Laet, alias Lost Frequencies, one of the great Belgian DJ, joined ACTLD to bring all the energy to the Grand Place with a brand new sound & light called "Lost in Brussels". During the five weeks of the event the public will dance to the rhythm of the new mix of lighting scenography and original music composed for this occasion.
Grand Place Brussels
In addition to the daily spectacle, on 30th of November the public was treated with an exceptional happening. ACTLD and Lost Frequencies took over the listed buildings of the Grand Place to offer a unique open-air party and live performance of music mix and illumination.
Grand Place Brussels
Trophy "Lost in Brussels" show can be discovered until the 1st of January, from 5pm until 10.30pm (every 30min).
Palladio SC celebrated the recent renovation of its atrium with a great three-day happening, offered to its VIP guests and all the customers. For this event our team imagined and produced a memorable show featuring bespoke art installation of 180 Boogies© flameless candles accompanied by fog, lights and an original soundtrack.
The structure composed of two metallic trusses in a shape of the circle was installed at the top of the ceiling in the center of the atrium up to the height of 16 meters. We installed a multiple winch motor system under which we hung 108 Boogies candles that could move up and down up to a height of 10 meters. We also positioned additional lighting and sound equipment on the structure.
A sumptuous moving chandelier in which
Boogies© candles play the principal role.
The design of the suspended chandelier was mirrored on the floor by the set in the shape of a wave on which we placed 72 boogies surrounded by lighting beams and fog machines. This composition embraced the entire space with an impressive performance aiming at producing a spectacular atmosphere and dazzling visual effects for the guests. The ACTLD technical team carried out the programming and control of all the lighting and sound equipment on site in order to produce two performances per hour during the three days.
Wittamer facade 2016
On the occasion of the Nocturnes du Sablon, which marks the opening of the festive season in one of Brussels' most gourmand districts, Maison Wittamer presented its new collection of chocolates and desserts named Infiniment (Infinitly) - a brand campaign developed with renowned Belgian illustrator David Merveille. To incarnate its new colorful Christmas theme in all its splendor during the entire winter, Wittamer relied on the concept proposed by Action + Service, ephemeral events set-designers, in collaboration with ACTLD's team.
Our team imagined a new playful and eye-catching scheme for the facades of Wittamer's shop. This new appealing artistic display meets the branding and technical requirements while remaining cost effective. The display consists of a tailored composition of LED circles and demi-circles that perfectly embraces the façade and creates a vibrant fuchsia halo, Wittamer's iconic brand color !
The possibility to control the tempo and a soft color change of each of the circles creates a variety of visual effects and lighting scenarios at low power consumption.
Wittamer Wittamer's illuminated façades bring the Christmas spirit in the Sablon district in a perfect harmony with its winter collection of sweets.
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