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After an active end of the year, we have the pleasure to announce that our team kicked-off 2017 with a new exciting project - "Naked Truth" - presented at "Bright Brussels Festival" on the banks of the Brussels-Rupel Canal from 2 to 5 February 2017.
A Bright Idea For The Banks Of The Canal
The tremendous popularity of the last edition of the festival led Visit Brussels, the organizer of the event, to venture into new urban places far from the well-known monuments of the capital.
We were delighted to explore the urban space of our hometown and offer a brand new experience to the public in probably one of the most unusual locations - a construction site of 70m x 80m !
Naked Truth
Creative Takeover By ACTLD
The raw appearance and contrasted day-night pace of the construction sites, often ignored by the public, seem to contain an unsuspected creative force.
The impressive and authentic aspect of this environment encouraged our team to imagine an ephemeral lighting installation that could fully embrace the entire space.
Naked Truth
Koert Vermeulen "Emphasizing on its essence, we wanted to transform the construction site into a living open-air stage without interfering with its industrial nature."

Koert Vermeulen - Principal Designer
“Naked Truth” Light & Sound Show
"Naked truth" invites the public to discover an avant-garde, dynamic and minimalist installation whose genuine industrial feel and look upholds the atmosphere of its surroundings.
Naked Truth
Intense lighting effects play out against the backdrop, win the sky and reflect in the water and artificial fog. A poetic and colorful display accompanied by the music changes the perception of space and offers a memorable experience to the spectators.
Naked Truth - Video
Without any superfluous element, "Naked Truth" enables the public to freely interpret its story, narrated by an original "light & sound" spectacle, wrapped into a contemporary atmosphere.
Technical Insights
This outdoor ephemeral installation, placed on the flooded ground, consisted of 64 automatic projectors (SGM G-SPOT's) mounted on a specially constructed trussing in form of a symmetrical matrix (35mx35m). The 64 G-SPOT's were accompanied by lighting equipment including SGM Q7 RGBW, SGM Q7 White, SGM P5, SGM P2 and several LED fixtures displayed all over the site.
Naked Truth
To create an aerial ballet mirrored in the water, the light display (beams, strobe's, backlight & uplight of the setting) and special effects (water mist, smoke and haze machines) were all programmed by MA console on timecode with the original soundtrack composed by Musicom.
Naked Truth
Luc De Climmer "The mirroring surface of the water and special effects provided by Magic Mist and FX3 were instrumental in creating a mysterious ambiance."

Luc De Climmer - Senior Lighting Designer & Console operator
The flooded ground and reduced possibility to hide the equipment and cabling system, demanded very ingenious techniques to ensure the power supply, quick installation and the functioning of the installation in this exceptional setting.
Naked Truth
Latest News - Boogies
Latest News - Boogies
At the 7th Magritte Awards, the most prominent event of the French film industry in Belgium, we deployed and programmed over 300 "Boogie" flameless LED candles in interiors & exteriors of the Square Brussels Meeting Centre.
Les Magrittes du Cinema
The atmosphere was utterly chic with an array of "Boogies" candles in their most eclectic versions: suspended in the holder, as a stand-alone decorative object, in chandeliers ...
Reopening Of The “Bilzen Mysteries”
The new season of "Bilzen Mysteries" - a night-time multimedia walk and a unique touristic attraction in Europe - starts on the February 24, 2017!
Reopening Of The “Bilzen Mysteries”
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