Electrabel Nights, Brussels Grand Place 2011

After the 2007 and 2009 edition, ACTLD and Alice Events collaborated once more on the Electrabel Nights 2011, to create a made to measure “son et lumière” at the Grand Place in Brussels.

The Fibonacci spiral, which is used in the architecture of the Grand Place and its surrounding buildings, is also at the very center of ACTLD’s reflection on the design of the lighting structure and the spectacle. Fascinated by the theorem of the golden ratio and the perfect proportions of the adjacent architecture, the ACTLD’s team combined an innovative modern lighting structure, constituted by Clay Paky Sharpys (moving heads) and LED lines, with classical music pieces, bringing to life a modern and enhanced atmosphere of Christmas.

This concept and set design resulted in a unique entertainment show, offered to the public at evening hours during the Christmas period.

Principal Designer: Koert Vermeulen
Producer: ALICE Events, Frank Anthierens
Coordination: BGE brussels
Technics: Phlippo Showlights
Music: Musicom, Pierre Mussche
City of Brussels

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