IMX, Immersive Experience

Our expertise in retail industry once again greatly benefited from the synergy of our three departments as we were commissioned by DG19 to entirely design, develop and produce an immersive multimedia installation called IMX inside Zeleno Park, a shopping & leisure center in Moscow.

Following the client’s requirements in branding, customer experience, differentiation and strong visual identity, our multidisciplinary team elaborated a turnkey creative & technological solution: IMX, a 14 meters high and 19,3 meters wide multimedia sculpture meant to become Zeleno Park’s unique signature and one-of-a-kind immersive installation in a shopping mall in Russia.

In our most challenging project in Retailtainment thus far, we focused on a multi-sensory approach that encourages the visitors to explore the structure’s interface and that enhances spatial experience through visual, interactive and dynamic elements.

IMX’s three-dimensional structure was inspired by the natural phenomenon of the whirlpool to embody powerful dynamic and energy. The structure is composed of two-mirrored halves of a spiral that follow each other and embrace one another, fully occupying the space in depth, width & length to offer a visual experience from a 360° point of view.

As an evolving part of the environment, IMX includes cutting edge elements as visual scenography, video mapping, lighting, sound and interactivity. An original multimedia show is played on the structure and on its surroundings every hour. Various interactive games and digital commercial content are proposed to the customers in between the shows.

By merging the virtual with the physical, IMX stimulates the connection between the users and the commercial space by integrating storytelling, interactivity, original shows and branding in a playful way that awakes all senses. IMX aims to impress but also to engage intimately with the users by offering a memorable experience from the inside and the outside of the multimedia installation.

Artistic Direction, Visual Scenography, Set & Lighting Design, Architecture & Engineering
Artistic Director & Principal Lighting Designer: Koert Vermeulen
Architect & Senior Lighting Designer: Andrea Mantello
Project Manager: Iiris Rousku
Production Manager: Jordi Vandekerkhof
Project Manager: Axel Van Bree
Executive Producer: Christophe Van Schoorisse
System Engineer: Bart Van Stiphout
Structural Engineer: Nicola Ferrari
Multi-media Production: Create
Content Director: Julie Mazy
Content Production: Drop The Spoon
Music & Sound design: Musicom
DG 19

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