La Louvière

Since 2008, ACTLD collaborates with the multidisciplinary team on urban requalification of the city master plan of La Louvière. Among the members of the team are Coopar, D+A International, A&T Osborne and ACTLD. The city master plan is divided in 4 phases. We are pleased to announce you that the first phase of the city center which included Place Communale and Place Maugrétout and the boulevard Mairaux, was inaugurated in June 2011.

The concept design, uncluttered and modern forms of lighting sculptures inspired by the plants and modern lighting home furniture, was chosen for this master plan. The sculptures integrated perfectly in the urban landscape, creating the necessary high quality brightness to enhance space and, at the same time, intimate atmosphere for the citizens, offering an environment of well-being for the people.

Lighting Design: ACTLD
Architect & Urban Planner: Cooparch
Landscape Architect: D+A International
Technical & Administrative Management: A&T Osborne

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