Mons 2015 European Capital of Culture

In the framework of Mons 2015 European Capital of Culture, our team was entrusted with the illumination of one of the most prestigious monuments in the city: the Belfry.

We developed a custom made lighting scenography to enhance this classified World Heritage of Unesco and to mark its opening as a museum and its important role as a cultural attraction.

ACTLD opted for an artistic approach that subtly magnified the Belfry’s architectural style while transforming the 87m high tower into a dynamic and evolving emblem. Various lighting scenographies play with the compositions of lights, their color, intensity and rhythm.

The technical solutions applied during the project respected this heritage building, reduced energy consumption and led to a great visual impact, notably with the installation of 150 LED projectors connected to each other by 2 km of cable.

Respecting the urban landscape and emphasizing on the Belfry’s location, in the heart of the city, we programmed a variety of visual effects adapted to the various cultural events to be organized and the opening times and seasons. These effects will change over the year and create a new identity for the Belfry, offering a new experience to the inhabitants and visitors of the city. Inaugurated on January 24, 2015, the Belfry will offer many more surprises throughout the year.

Principal Designer: Koert Vermeulen, ACTLD
Project Designers: Meri Ekola, ACTLD
Deputy Commissioner General Mons 2015: Philippe Degeneffe
Production Manager Events at Mons 2015: Radjiny Schiltz
Technics: PRG Belgium
Mons 2015 – European Capital of Culture

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