Ovo Luminale Frankfurt

The creative collective ACTLD & Odeaubois was honored to present their multisensory experience OVO at the international festival Luminale 2012, in Frankfurt. Proudly sponsored by OSRAM and Traxon Technologies, “OVO” was installed at the very center of Frankfurt Main, Hauptwache from 15th to 20th of April 2012. Among more than 40 projects presented all along the city, OVO, introduced for the first time in Germany, met a great success with the public.

By the combination of several multisensory aspects OVO has not only become a lighting attraction of this edition of Luminale, but also offered a living experience to the public. OVO invite the spectators to interact with the structure, enabling them to enter in its space, to live the present moment and take time to contemplate.

The ecological aspects of OVO such as sustainable and natural materials (wood, rubber, metal), no waste production, an economical and efficient water system (8L), a high-performance lighting system made of low-energy consumption LEDs (700W), accomplished the authors artistic vision while carrying out the message of a multisensory art installation, which respects environment.

Lighting Designer: Koert Vermeulen – ACTLD
Marcos Viñals Bassols: Scenographer
Sculptor: Pol Marchandise – Odeaubois
Sculptor: Mostafa Hadi – Odeaubois
Photos by Marcos Viñals Bassols

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