Ovo & Spheres, Nauryz 2013

From 20th of March to 1st of April 2013, the art installation OVO was displayed on the Lover’s Square near Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, in Astana. On March 22, the day of the spring equinox, OVO marked the beginning of Nauryz, the spring holidays celebrated by many cultures in Central and Middle Asia since the Persian Empire.

Nauryz, literally “new day”, reflects people’s love for nature and celebration of the end of the old season and the beginning of a new one. This idea of a new beginning is represented by the figure of the egg, symbol of birth and unity.

Especially conceived in a new setting for this celebration, the wooden egg was surrounded by seven small illuminated spheres, referring to the universal eternity of the number seven. Ovo and the spheres were designed according to the mathematical theorem of golden ratio, entailing strong philosophical and spiritual concepts : the ideas of birth, hatching or blooming, perfection of a cocoon all referred to universality.

The passage inside the installation offered the visitor a connection with space, a sense of belonging to the Eternal.

Lighting Designer: Koert Vermeulen
Scenographer: Marcos Viñals Bassols
Sculptor: Pol Marchandise Odeaubois
Sculptor: Mostafa Hadi Odeaubois
Photos: Marcos Viñals Bassols
City of Astana

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