Naked Truth

Naked Truth, presented by ACTLD at the “Bright Brussels Festival” 2017, invites the public to discover a contemporary light & sound show in probably one of the most unusual locations – a construction site on the banks of the canal.

Inspired by the raw, contrasted and authentic aspect of this environment, our team imagined an artistic installation with a genuine feel and look. The crafted visual scenography and music fully embrace the entire space and transform it into a living open-air stage without interfering with its industrial nature.

The dynamic and minimalist installation, placed on the water-flooded ground, consists of a symmetrical matrix including, among others, 64 automatic projectors (64 G-SPOT’s). Together they play out against the backdrop, climb the sky and are reflected in the water and in the artificial fog.

To create an aerial ballet mirrored in the water the light display (beams, strobe’s, backlight & uplight of the setting) and special effects (water mist, smoke and haze machines) were all programmed on timecode with the original soundtrack

Stripped of any superfluous element, “Naked Truth” enables the public to freely interpret its story narrated by an impressive spectacle. A poetic and colorful display accompanied by the music changes the perception of space and offers a memorable experience to the spectators.

Creation & Production: ACTLD
Principal Designer: Koert Vermeulen
Senior Lighting Designer & Console operator: Luc de Climmer
Console operator: Jimmy Stas
Original soundtrack by MUSICOM
Technical Production: ASP Group
Special effects: Magic Mist & FX3
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