Origin, Les Grottes de Han

ACTLD was honored to be invited by Artistic Director, Luc Petit, to transform the Cave of Han’s eventful and rich history in a project known as “Origin”

“Origin” – as the name suggests – immerses visitors into the origins of our universe, going back to the Big Bang, but also evokes space exploration, and invites them through a voyage into the submarine, vegetative and animal worlds. The result is a thrilling, new sound and light show in the majestic Weapons Rooms, the classic tour of the Cave of Han, one of Belgium’s major tourist attractions.

ACTLD designed the laser and lighting systems, using eco-friendly LEDs, to sublimate the Cave of Han’s natural beauty and revealing chambers.

Our expertise in video-mapping, and the convergence of lighting and lasers, created spectacular views of the concretions within the caves. It all came together beautifully, despite the confines of working within challenging environmental obstacles, including a highly humid atmosphere and at times, full-on flooding.

The natural color of the Cave is now much more visible and the concretions reveal themselves in their full splendor.

ACTLD: Laser & Lighting design
Artistic Director: Luc Petit
Mapping Designer: Marie Jeanne Gauthe
Technical System: Initium & ADC Production
Photos by Olivier Anbergen, Melting Prod
Luc Petit

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