Schaerbeek City Hall

The illumination of the Schaerbeek City Hall showed the growing opportunities of the LED technology for architectural lighting. This illumination is based on a very subtle uplighting, enhancing the pilasters and the numerous details of this 19th century eclectic building.

The LEDs allow hiding all lighting equipments thanks to their small size, to choose the most appropriate colours to reveal the different materials and to adjust the light intensities according to the various positions.

This very detailed scheme is softened by a gentle floodlighting with low power discharge luminaires mounted on surrounding facades. These floodlights are aimed at softening the contrasts between the lit details and the unlit parts. These floodlights fitted with all accessories and with lamps below 150W do not cause any glare. A full scale lighting test on site allowed to adjust all the equipments and to gain a full approval of the authorities. This project is realised in partnership with J-P Majot.

Architectural: ACTLD & Studio d’Urbanisme Jean-Pierre Majot
Commune of Schaerbeek & City of Brussels

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