Michel Nols

Senior Designer

As a designer Michel finds his inspiration in digital media and multimedia scenography. Using space as his instrument, he seeks to combine material, form, digital media and light to create exciting memorable spatial experiences. With combined degrees in Recording Arts in Digital Media and Interior Design, he searched for a multidisciplinary skill set within a non-existing curriculum. In his career he freelanced on concept and design for competitions, public tenders, retail and private housing to help designers and architects create their vision. Gradually he coined the term “Media Related Space Designer” working on custom creative and aesthetic solutions in the realm of broadcast, media setups, set design and stage. He gained expertise in design with a strong focus on combining form, aesthetics, function and technology. With an eagerness for constant learning and a fascination for design processes and creative thinking, Michel is always on the lookout for tools, techniques and technologies to create new exciting stories. Outside this scope, he’s actively involved in music production and digital arts. He came to ACTLD with a passion for designing projects in which emotion and experience take a central role.

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