Taddéus Fraylich

Concept Artist

In 2009, Taddéus graduated with an artistic degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels. For almost 20 years, he’s been performing in events as a dancer, actor, performer and/or artistic assistant for all types of entertainment companies. For more than 20 years, he traveled to many countries and met people who helped him enhance his vision of art in all its forms. In 2016, Taddéus worked as Artistic Assistant for Les Nocturnales Asbl & Luc Petit Creation which allowed him to dive more deeply into the mechanics of big show productions. That’s how he became a storyteller and concept artist for large scale events and shows. In January of 2020, Taddéus joined ACTLD to become the company’s very first Concept Artist. As a creative developer, he imagines and oversees artistic direction on his projects and creates stories through his visions and concepts.

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